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    Metro Lai Mohammed: Like Boko Haram, We Will Defeat Corruption

    The minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed has said that the federal government will defeat corruption the same way it has defeated Boko Haram. Lai Mohammed stated this yestersay during a meeting with Abuja media Bureau Chiefs. According to him, corruption is now fighting back at...
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    Metro Nigeria: FG Fires Top Civil Servants For Job Scam

    Some top officials of the civil service have been dismissed by the federal government for extorting money from 400 applicants and offering them employment illegally. The Minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed made the disclosure on Saturday in Lagos during a meeting with some...
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    Metro Nigeria: No Plan to Regulate Online Media - FG

    The Minister of information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says that the Federal Government will not regulate Online Publications in the country, saying the publishers are responsible enough to regulate themselves. The Minister stated this on Friday when he met with Online Publishers in...
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    Politics Lai Mohammed: No Human Rights in Anti-Corruption War

    The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says corrupt politicians who are currently being probed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have no moral authority to claim their rights were denied when their alleged actions eroded other people’s rights and led to...