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    8 Tips Insurance to Consider Before Buying a Car – Nbc

    Most people know they need insurance for their new car, but in the excitement of buying a vehicle they may not research it as carefully as they should. Skipping over this detail may cause financial problems almost as soon as you drive off the lot. “You need to shop for … Read more via Nbc...
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    Metro Govt to enforce N1,000 compulsory insurance on motorbike operators – Punch Newspapers

    Nike Popoola The National Insurance Commission is set to begin the enforcement of third party insurance on owners/operators of motorcycles nationwide under the Insurance Act. NAICOM also stated that N1,000 would be paid as an annual premium by each motorcycle operator to secure the compulsory...
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    Business Insurance, pension long term funds will help Nigeria reduce debts.

    Nigeria’s high cost of borrowing and increasing domestic debt will remain a challenge for a long time to come, unless there is strategic effort to develop insurance and pension sectors as major providers of long term funds for economic development. Though pension has assumed a growth … via...
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    Compare Insurance: Now That You Have A Car, What Next?

    It doesn't matter if you started driving yesterday or you are an expert driver, there is always a possibility you could be involved in an accident someday. This isn't a case of "God forbid, it'll never happen to me!", it is inevitable, moreover, no one plans to get into an accident. In fact...