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  1. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro 5 Ways The Arrest Of Invictus Will Affect Hardworking Nigerian Entrepreneurs – Nairaland

    Forbes celebrated Abuja based “entrepreneur” and CEO of Invictus group, Obinwanne “Invictus” Obi Okeke who rose to fame after he appeared on the cover of Forbes in 2016. Later that same year, he appeared on Forbes Africa “30 under 30” list as a billionaire and “inspiring” entrepreneur...
  2. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro FBI Arrested Invictus Obi At The Airport Just Before ‘escaping’ US (Photos) – Nairaland

    FBI arrested Invictus Obi at the airport just before ‘escaping’ US — risks 20 years in prison. Obinwanne Okeke, Invictus Group CEO, who is popularly known as Invictus Obi, was arrested at the.... Read more via Nairaland – Get More Nigeria Metro News
  3. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Obi ‘Invictus’ Okeke Appoints Nigerian Lawyer, John Iweanoje As Legal Representative – Nairaland

    Obinwanne 'Invictus' Okeke, the Nigerian charged by the FBI for various acts of cyber scam, has appointed John Iweanoje, as his lawyer. Iweanoje takes over from Rahul Sharma, a public defender hired.... Read more via Nairaland – Get More Nigeria Metro News