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    Metro Protests continue over George Nkencho shooting as Nigerian gov condemns death – Dublin Live
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    Metro Three Nigerian men become first people in the history of Ireland to be charged over alleged romance scam – Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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    World Woman loses her temper and removes bikini bottom after a mom confronts her for topless sunbathing – Mail Online

    A topless sunbather confronted by an angry mom for baring her breasts at a public beach in front of a child responded to the complaint by stripping nude, according to police. Anna Lee Halderman, 28, of Norwalk, Connecticut turned herself into... Read more via News | Mail Online –...
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    World Baby born on train gets 25 years worth of free rail travels – Premium Times Nigeria

    Travellers on rail from Galway to Dublin on Tuesday witnessed one of the uninterrupted nature of biology as a woman gave birth to a baby on the train..... Read more via Premium Times Nigeria – Get more World News
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    World Ireland to offer free abortions after ban’s repeal – TheHill News

    Ireland plans to provide women with free legal abortions, Health Minister Simon Harris confirmed ... Read more via TheHill – Get more World News
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    World Abortions in Ireland Will Be Free for All Women, Just Months After Legalization Vote – Newsweek

    Only months after a historic vote legalized abortion in Ireland, the country’s health minister has said new legislation will make procedures free for all women. The May referendum was one of the most charged votes in the country’s history. For a land traditionally conservative with huge...
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    World Ireland recovers 14bn euros in Apple ‘back taxes’ – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    Apple has completed payment of 14.3 billion euros ($16.7 billion) in back taxes to the Irish government, Dublin said Tuesday, following a European Commission ruling that the tech giant had benefitted from illegal tax breaks in the country. The money has been paid into an escrow account, a type...
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    World Pope ‘begs for God’s forgiveness’ for sexual abuse scandal – Vanguard Nigeria Newspaper

    Pope Francis in Ireland Sunday “begged for God’s forgiveness” for the child sexual abuse scandal … Read more via Vanguard News – Get more World News
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    World Pope Francis Meets Irish Abuse Victims, Expresses ‘Shame’ – Channels Television

    Pope Francis on Saturday met with eight Irish abuse victims after expressing “pain and shame” over the “failure” of Catholic Church authorities to deal with the.... Read more via Channels Television – Get more World News
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    World Pope Francis visits Ireland amid church abuse scandals – PressTV

    Pope Francis is set to meet victims of Catholic Church sex abuse during the Republic of Ireland’s first papal visit in decades. Pope’s Saturday visit to Ireland comes... Read more via PressTV – Get more World News
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    Metro Mum Goes Blind In One Eye After Parasite Burrows Behind Her Contact Lens While In The Shower – Ladun Liadi’s Blog

    A mother has told of her horror after being blinded by a parasitic worm that burrowed into her eyeball. Suzanne Dunne also warned... Read more via Ladun Liadi’s Blog – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro Woman Caught Having Sex With Man In Police Uniform, Has Slept With 36 Police Officers – INFORMATION NIGERIA

    An Irish porn star who boasts she has had sexual relations with 36 Irish police officers has posted a video on a porn site of herself apparently having sex at the side of the.... Read more via INFORMATION NIGERIA – Get More Nigeria Metro News

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