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    Business Jason Njoku is taking iROKOtv public – Techpoint.Africa

    iROKOtv, one of the leading online movie streaming platforms in Africa has commenced its initial public offering process.... Read more via Techpoint.Africa – https://ift.tt/2JmSFbo Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    Business Man Calls Out Jason Njoku Of Irokotv Over “Workplace Pressure” – Nairaland

    A Nigerian man on twitter has called out the founder of irokoTV for subjecting his staffs to workplace pressure. He berated IrokoTV for asking staffs to go out of their way to bring in new customers and meet ridiculous set target. He claimed to have obtained testimony from those … Read more...
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    Business Entrepreneurship isn’t all that glamorous – Jason Njoku – Nairametrics

    Nigerian entrepreneur and CEO of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku, recently took to his Twitter page to make it very clear that entrepreneurship is not a glamorous affair. People who glamourise entrepreneurship need to be sincere by acknowledging that it is not always as pleasant as they make it seem, …...
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    Metro “Your Experiments Will Fail And Die” – Iroko TV Founder, Jason Njoku Gives Opening Presentation At NECLive 6 – The Net Ng

    Jason Njoku, founder of Iroko TV, opened his presentation at the 6th edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference with a simple analysis of the Hollywood movie, ‘Walking Dead’, using its script to explain how innovators need to … Read more via Nigerian Entertainment Today –...
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    Business 8 things you didn’t know about Jason Njoku, founder of iROKOtv – Techpoint.ng

    We have all heard about the man who founded iROKOtv, the online platform that offers its world-wide audience subscription-based streaming of mainly Nollywood movies; maybe not everyone. Those that haven’t heard of Jason Njoku can crawl out of the caves they have been living in now. Jason Njoku...