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    Metro Chuka Umunna Loses MP Seat In UK Election -Nairaland

    CHUKA CHUCKED Chuka Umunna LOSES seat as voters turn their back on man once dubbed ‘Britain’s Barack Obama’ CHUKA Umunna has sensationally lost his seat as voters turn their back on the rising star MP once dubbed "Britain's Barack Obama". The candidate came second in the Cities of London and...
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    World UK Labour leader Corbyn quits after crushing defeat in poll – P.M. News

    Jeremy Corbyn : UK Labour leader set to quit UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Friday he would quit as his party faced its worst electoral defeat in 84 years. However, he did not set a date for his departure and added he would remain in charge … Read more via P.M. News –...
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    World Boris Johnson takes his dog to polling booth for UK elections today (photos) - Daily Mail

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson posed with his dog Dilyn after casting his ballot at a polling station in central London on Thursday December 12. UK Citizens, will vote their next Prime Minister between Johnson and Laptop leader Jeremy Corbyn, today. READ MORE
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    World TRENDING VIDEO: Boris Johnson shares food items before election - The Cable

    Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom, was seen on Wednesday sharing groceries in Leeds shortly before commencement of UK elections. The prime minister tweeted the video on his official Twitter handle, telling voters they would get more if they voted for his party. READ MORE
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    Exclusive: Donald Trump to snub Jeremy Corbyn during UK visit – Yahoo News – Latest News &...

    Donald Trump will snub Jeremy Corbyn during his visit to the UK, it emerged yesterday as the US ambassador insisted the US President is "very thick-skinned" and will "definitely" visit London despite concerns about mass protests. Whitehall sources told The Telegraph that Mr Trump will not have...
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    World UK Election: Jeremy Corbyn Hits Emily Thornberry's Breast [VIDEO]

    British Politician Jeremy Corbyn had a very embarrassing moment with fellow party member Emily Thornberry when he attempted give her a celebratory high-five but ended up accidentally slapping her breast instead. See video:
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    World UK To Ban Donald Trump From Visiting Until Muslim Ban Is Lifted

    Donald Trump should be blocked from making his planned state visit to the UK as long as his "Muslim ban" policy remains in place, Jeremy Corbyn has said. The Labour leader said Theresa May should not be endorsing Mr Trump until it was clear his Government was "actually going to protect...