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    World Tanzania’s Magufuli to be buried on the 25th of March – Plus TV Africa
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    Politics Buhari mourns Tanzanian President, John Magufuli – Pulse News
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    Metro Tanzania's Vice President to be sworn in as president making her the country's first female President - Linda Ikejis Blog
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    Metro Tanzanian President, John Pombe Magufuli dies at 61 – Ladun Liadi’s Blog
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    World Tanzanian President John Magufuli Dies Of ‘Heart Condition’ - Channels Tv
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    Video Africa’s Most Educated Presidents

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    World Teenage Mothers Shouldn't Be Allowed In Schools - Tanzanian President

    John Magufuli, President of Tanzania has told schools to stop pregnant teenagers and teenage moms from going back to school. The President made the remark while addressing Bagamoyo District residents during his three-day-tour of Coast Region. “There are many things that girls, who are...
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    World Tanzanian Lecturer Arrested For Insulting President Magufuli on Whatsapp

    A Senior University lecturer in Tanzania has been charged with insulting President John Magufuli in a WhatsApp message. REUTERS reports that insulting the president was made a criminal offense in Tanzania under a cybercrimes law passed last year, punishable by up to three years in jail, a...
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    World Tanzania: Man Lands In Court For Insulting President On Whatsapp

    A Tanzanian is facing charges after he allegedly shared comments on Whatsapp calling President John Magufuli an imbecile. Mulokozi Kyaruzi has been charged under the controversial cybercrime law. He is the second person to be charged under the law for insulting the president. The law was...
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    World Tanzania's President Magufuli Cancels Union Day Celebrations to Save Money

    Tanzania's President John Magufuli has cancelled celebrations to mark Union Day as part of his cost-cutting efforts. "People should cerebrate this day at home or continue with their personal business", said a statement by his office. He said the money government had set aside for the...
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    World Tanzania President, John Magufuli Bans Mini Skirts To Curb HIV/Aids

    Tanzanian President, John Magufuli has banned wearing of mini skirts, in the country Kenya's Standard media, reports. The move comes just a few months after the country banned "twerking". According to The Net, the provocative dance was banned following an announcement by Cultural Development...