joint niger delta liberation force

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    Metro Niger Delta Militants, JNDLF Threatens to Bomb 10 Oil Facilities in Bayelsa

    The Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, JNDLF, has threatened to blow up 10 oil and gas facilities in Bayelsa to express their displeasure with the handling of the ongoing crisis in the region. The JNDLF, which said its members had been meeting in Yenagoa, vowed that the oil and gas pipelines...
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    Metro Third Militant Group Emerges in Niger Delta, Issues 15 Commandments

    Another militant group has emerged in the Niger Delta, calling itself the Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, JNDLF, and threatening to begin launching six missiles in the region on June 7 in an operation it said would surprise Nigerians and the entire world. This group will be the third group...