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    Metro Salkida, Journalist With The Deepest Knowledge Of Boko Haram’s Workings, Locked Out - Sahara News

    For the fourth day running, the Twitter account of Ahmed Salkida, the Nigerian journalist with the deepest knowledge of the workings of Boko Haram, has been locked. Expressing his frustration with the development, Salkida said he received a message from Twitter on Friday that his account had...
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    Entertainment kemi Olunloyo Released From Port Harcourt Prison For The 3rd Time

    Convertsial Blogger and daughter of one time governor , Kemi Olunloyo have been released from PortHarcourt max prison for the 3rd time in 12 months. The Journalist took to her Instagram page to share a video with caption saying… BREAKING I have been released from Port Harcourt maximum prison for...
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    World BREAKING: BBC Expelled Journalist Arrives China [VIDEO]

    BBC Journalist, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes that was expelled from North Korea has arrived Beijing airport on Monday. Wingfield-Hayes says he is glad to be out of North Korea but says he will be making no further statements. See Video below:
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    World BBC Journalist Detained, Expelled in North Korea

    British Broadcasting Corporation correspondent, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was detained in North Korea and is being expelled for his reporting, authorities have announced at a press conference. He will be joined on the plane by BBC producer Maria Byrne and cameraman Matthew Goddard, the British...
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    Politics Profile Of Newly-appointed DG Of NDDC, Mrs Ibim Seminatari

    Mrs Ibim Semenitari is an award winning investigative journalist, editor and publisher who has worked for over 20 years with some of Nigeria and America’s leading titles. She has also worked as Journalism Trainer/Editor with the BBC World Service Trust. She was the first Nigerian female...