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    Metro Ghana Sacks 20 Judges Suspended Over Bribery Allegation

    Twenty judges and magistrates of the Circuit Court previously suspended by the Ghana Judicial Council, for allegedly taking bribe to subvert justice have been dismissed. Their dismissal followed the recommendation by the committee constituted by the Chief Justice, Justice Georgina Theodora...
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    Politics Revealed! How Much Buhari, Saraki and Ministers Earn As Salary

    Here is remuneration package for political, public and judicial office holders as outlined by the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC). Remuneration Package for Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders as outlined by the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission...
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    Politics [OPINION] Saraki And The Hypocrisy Of the Nigerian Judicial System – Raheem Raheem 'Okoya'

    Nigeria operates a form of government that portrays federalism in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Federation consists of 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory, which are constitutionally empowered with the Legislative, Executive and the Judiciary functions within...