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    Video Nigeria News Today - “Your Mouth Has Divided APC” – Saraki Reacts To Oshiomole’s Suspension

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    Metro Nigeria: [16 June, 20016] Trending News Updates

    Below are the trending Nigeria news updates as obtained on Nigerian Bulletin on Thursday 16 June, 2016. The top trending news surrounds the new naira policy, and the effects of this new policy on the economy in the next 10 days. ---- New Naira Policy: 8 Things That Will Happen In The Next 10...
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    Metro Nigeria: Today's Newspaper Headlines [07 June, 2016]

    Below are some of the major headlines in some of Nigerian Dailies for today, 07 June, 2016. PUNCH: UNILAG Students Drown In Beach During Friend's Birthday Students' Protest Ground Oyo, Schools Shut, APC Office Vandalised I'm Under Probe, Says Jonathan The Nation: Oyo School Pupils...