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    How To Obtain A Firearm Permit/License From The Nigeria Police Force

    PROCESS OF OBTAINING A FIREARMS LICENSE 1. Log on to 2. Go to the firearms license link on the police force website. CLICK HERE 3. Click on the link: New User? Click Here To Register to obtain an application ID which will be electronically generated and automatically displayed...
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    How To Replace Your Old Driver's License With The New One

    (For applications submitted in manual forms) 1. The license holder will obtain an application form from the VIO/BIR representative at the licensing office. The applicant will complete the form and submit it to one of the FRSC officers 2. The FRSC officers will capture the information on the...
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    List Of Foreign Countries Where The Nigerian Driver's License Is Recognised

    Not many Nigerians know that the Nigerian Driver's license is recognized in some foreign countries. According to the Lagos Sector Commander of the FRSC Mr Chidi Nkwonta, three states in the US and seven countries in Europe recognize the Nigerian driver's license. The American states include...
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    8 Important Documents You Should Have As A Nigerian

    For you to do almost anything in Nigeria, you need to have some form of identification or documentation. From traveling, banking, going to school, voting, getting a job or even driving. Listed below are some very important documents you should have as a Nigerian which would make the above...