1. Aysaint

    Lagos island crisis

    Recent media statement of Alhaji Kunle Poly on the current crisis in Lagos Island vis-à-vis: idumota, eyin eyo, agarawu etc to mention few and attributing it to the state chairman of NATIONAL UNION OF ROAD TRANSPORT WORKERS (NURTW) Lagos chapter Alhaji Akinsanya Musiliu (M.C OLUOMO) isn’t only...
  2. naija questions

    Religion & Spirituality It’s as if God Isn’t There! – A Tippling Philosopher

    The other day, I posted a piece about the Problem of Evil. There was an interesting comment on the piece as follows: Here’s my question: How would it had been different if God weren’t there? He claims that “if he wasn’t there [she] wouldn’t have made it.” What … Read more via A Tippling...
  3. naija questions

    Religion & Spirituality How Do I Cling to God — When Life Feels Easy? – Desiring God

    We’re here to talk about @JackieHillPerry, because you are quite gifted on social media. I’ve followed you for some time, always to great benefit. So I want you to talk with us for the next few days about some of your most viral tweets. I want to … Read more via Desiring God...
  4. naija questions

    Sexual Health Having Sex Makes You Think Life Is More Meaningful – Tonic

    What makes for a good life? Current psychological theory highlights the importance of relationships, belonging and having a sense of purpose. Gratitude, forgiveness, generosity and self-compassion often get a mention too. According to a team of psychologists at George Mason University, there is...
  5. naija questions

    General Health Six Things You Will Regret On Your Deathbed – HuffPost UK

    It seems that no matter how old you are, you will always feel death cutting your life short It was past midnight when the phone rang. A friend was calling from half way across the globe. “I’m at stage four” he whispered. “I’ve got three months to live!” His words shook me to my core. I needed a...
  6. R

    Top 7 Ways Exercise Is Good For the Body

    In our environment today, we are beginning to see an increase in certain medical conditions because we are no longer getting enough exercise. Humans now prefer sedentary lifestyle or are engaged in low output activities thereby leading to the accumulation of excess consumed calories as fat...