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    World NYC doctor, 48, commits suicide after telling family about the trauma of coronavirus battle - Mail Online
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    World Passenger is covered head to toe in BUBBLE WRAP as he is deported to Cameroon from Turkey – Mail Online

    Passenger is covered head to toe in BUBBLE WRAP as he is deported to Cameroon from Turkey for having a fake visa Shoe dealer Emmanuel Fosso Someon Chedjou, 47, was on business trip to Dubai He was arrested during a layover in Istanbul and accused of … Read more via News | Mail Online –...
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    World Robber ‘made mother watch while he stabbed her young children to death then sawed off their heads’ – Mail Online

    Gruesome new details have emerged about a 2017 triple homicide involving an Arkansas mother and her two young children, including how one of their attackers allegedly forced the woman to watch as he butchered her son and daughter... Read more via News | Mail Online –
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    World Flavoured e-cigarettes KILL the cells that line airways, study finds – Mail Online

    Fumes from e-cigarettes are toxic and can kill cells lining airways, a bombshell new study has found. Popularity for e-cigarettes has skyrocketed in recent years and are seen as a much healthier alternative to tobacco.... Read more via News | Mail Online – Get more...
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    Entertainment Oprah Winfrey and Jon Bon Jovi ‘secretly’ built entire communities for Hurricane Katrina families – Mail Online

    Oprah Winfrey built homes for 65 families who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, the families are known as ‘Oprah’s Angels’ The residents of Angel Lane will forever be grateful to Oprah Winfrey for saving their lives. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans 14 years ago, the world’s most …...
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    World Artwork at Griffith University showing Virgin Mary cradling a penis sparks controversy – Mail Online

    A controversial artwork depicting the Virgin Mary cradling a giant penis has sparked outrage, with religious leaders and politicians calling for it to be taken down. The painting, titled Holy Family by the artist Juan Davila, 73, is currently being showcased in the museum of Griffith...
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    World Woman loses her temper and removes bikini bottom after a mom confronts her for topless sunbathing – Mail Online

    A topless sunbather confronted by an angry mom for baring her breasts at a public beach in front of a child responded to the complaint by stripping nude, according to police. Anna Lee Halderman, 28, of Norwalk, Connecticut turned herself into... Read more via News | Mail Online –...
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    World A young gay couple from New Zealand seek $25,000 in crowdfunding to pay for IVF and approvals – Mail Online

    A young gay couple who desperately want to start a family have launched a crowdfunding appeal to pay for in vitro fertilisation. Ryan Curran, 27, and Jerome Pacquing, 25, from Tauranga, New Zealand have arranged for an egg donor and a surrogate, but they need an additional $25,000... Read...
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    World Armed man arrested at Missouri Walmart; no shots fired – Mail Online

    A 20-year-old man carrying a tactical rifle, another gun and 100 rounds of ammunition was recording himself as he entered a Walmart in Missouri before he was stopped outside the store by a firefighter who held him at gunpoint... Read more via News | Mail Online – Get...
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    World New York woman who turned 107-years-old credits long life to ‘never getting married’ – Mail Online

    A woman who has turned 107-years-old believes the most important secret to living such a long life is ‘never getting married.’ Louise Jean Signore from the Bronx, New York, joined more than 100 guests to celebrate her birthday at Bartow Community Center.... Read more via News | Mail Online...
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    World Cargo ship seized with cocaine worth more than $1BILLION on board is owned by JP Morgan - Mail Online

    A cargo ship that had 16.5 tons of cocaine worth more than $1 billion seized from it in Philadelphia in one of the largest drug busts in US history is owned by JP Morgan, it has emerged. The $90 million MSC Gayane is owned by a transportation strategy fund … Read more via News | Mail...
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    World Brutal brawl breaks out between a family at Disneyland – Mail Online

    A shocking violent brawl between a family broke out at Disneyland in California this weekend, and the entire fight was caught on camera. Two men and two women got into a heated fight where they threw punches... Read more via News | Mail Online – Get more World News
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    World Copycat prankster, 36, is arrested after a video showing him lick tub of ice-cream goes viral – Mail Online

    A 36-year-old man could face jail after he posted a video to Twitter showing him lick ice-cream straight from the tub before putting it back in the supermarket freezer. Lenise Martin III, 36, has been charged with unlawful posting of criminal activity for Read more via News | Mail Online –...
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    World Father-of-five is killed by a pack of stray pit bull dogs that bit him more than 100 times – Mail Online

    Father-of-five is killed by a pack of stray pit bull dogs that bit him more than 100 times as he took a shortcut home on the Fourth of July in Florida The body of a Florida father was discovered with over 100 bite wounds, on July … Read more via News | Mail Online –
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    World ‘Drug orgy’ death of Emir’s son: Fashion chain owner ‘died during party at his London penthouse’ – Mail Online

    The son of Sharjah’s ruler died aged 39 in London yesterday after a suspected ‘drug-fuelled orgy’. Mens fashion label owner Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi was the son of Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, … Read more via News | Mail Online – Get more...
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    World Ex-Army IT specialist who is charged with – Mail Online

    The man charged with murdering Utah woman Mackenzie Lueck and burning her body in his backyard had tried to have a secret sex dungeon built in his basement, a contractor says. Meanwhile, cops said on Friday night that they had located the mattress... Read more via Mail Online –...
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    World Mother who ‘led police on a high-speed chase in her Mercedes Benz’ is begging for $100,000 help – Mail Online

    A mother who allegedly led police on a 10 kilometre chase reaching speeds of up to 200km/hr in her Mercedes Benz – while her toddler daughter sat unrestrained in the back – is asking for money to fund her lifestyle. Margarita Tomovska, 27, quickly earned a … Read more via News | Mail Online...
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    World Police hunt for 8-year-old girl pulled into a man’s car in Fort Worth – Mail Online

    Police hunt for 8-year-old girl pulled into a man’s car while out on a walk with her mother who tried in vain to pull her daughter out of the vehicle in Fort Worth An Amber Alert has been issued for Salem Sabatka who was kidnapped while … Read more via News | Mail Online –...
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    World Trump’s hotels and casinos lost $1.17billion over 10 years – Mail Online

    In the span of nearly a decade, Donald Trump lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer, a new report has claimed. Ten years of Trump's official Internal Revenue Service tax transcriptions.. Read more via News | Mail Online – Get more...
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    World Eight students are injured when two classmates open fire at Denver high school – Mail Online

    One of the two students who opened fire on a school in Denver has been identified as 18-year-old Devon Erickson. One 18-year-old boy was killed and seven other students were injured when gunfire... Read more via News | Mail Online – Get more World News