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    Ahmadu Bello Univerity (ABU) Online MBA Program: Pay In Installments

    Ahmadu Bello University MBA is not only flexible but also specially designed for students looking to gain experience and advance their management careers. The program covers key management disciplines including economics, marketing, accounting, finance, strategic planning and project management...
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    Part Time MBA: Everything Nigerians Need To Know

    Looking for an MBA that can be combined with your job? This overview explains the differences between part-time, online, blended and executive MBAs. By Thomas Graf MBA programs are attractive. They promise career advantages, such as a higher salary, promotion, or new career options – be they...
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    Look Before You Leap: How An MBA Can Fuel Your Career Change

    A career change can be a daunting prospect, but an MBA can help you land one of the great MBA jobs out there. By Michelle Miller Career changes can be daunting, but can also be rewarding. There’s no law committing you to your career field for the rest of your life and if you’re not happy doing...