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    Metro Jesus used cannabis oil to perform healing ‘miracles’ – Expert claims – YabaLeftOnline News

    A controversial historian has claimed Jesus and his apostles may have used cannabis oil to perform healing ‘miracles.’ Author David Bienenstock claims cannabis was widely available across the Middle East 2,000 years ago and people of the time used it to treat the sick and infirm. Holy...
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    Metro That Ain’t Right: Teachable Moment for the Nigerian Christian By Pius Adesanmi

    I am getting old. I don’t know how I could have forgotten this story, given its relevance to the Nigerian tragedy (a tragedy which shall prevail until we make some progress in rewiring the atrocious psychology of the Nigerian). My brother from another mother, Bayo Aregbesola, a Director in...
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    World Africa: Time To Target Fake Preachers And Prophets

    Self-proclaimed preachers and prophets who say they can perform miracles are growing in popularity across Africa, BBC reports. Of concern to many with interests in the Christian faith are the “prophet of God” or “man of God” churches. These are led by self-proclaimed prophets or messengers who...