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    World Eleven members of same family found dead after being blindfolded at home – Mirror Uk News

    Eleven members of the same family have been found dead – with nine hanging from the ceiling of their home, blindfolded, gagged and with their hands tied behind the back. Police are investigating whether the victims – seven women, two men and two boys aged 15 – committed suicide … Read more...
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    Metro Priest slaps crying baby hard across cheek during baptism shocking parents – mirror

    This is the shocking moment a priest slaps an hysterical baby hard across the cheek during a baptism. Two adults stood at the font, believed to be the young child’s parents, are stunned quickly try to wrestle the child away from the elderly religious man. In the distressing footage … Read...
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    Metro US Scientist Becomes Immune To Snake Venom After Allowing Deadly Snakes Bite Him - Mirror UK

    Tim Friede has inflicted himself with more than 200 bites from snakes that could kill within minutes in bid to help develop life-saving vaccines. A scientist claims he's 'immune to venom' after allowing himself to be bitten by the world's deadliest snakes hundreds of times. He claims he is...