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    Metro Cashless: Beggars Now Carry Device To Accept Mobile Money

    Punch reports that in China, smartphones and QR codes have become tools of the trade for beggars. If you’re feeling generous and don’t have cash on you, you can still whip out your phone, scan a printed QR code and transfer some money to the beggar’s account. Local media have spread news of...
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    How To Increase The Charging Rate Of Your Smartphone

    We all charge our smartphones everyday, and sometime you may have to wait for a period of time for it to get upto 100% while you were in a haste to move out, now you may wonder how you will be able to make it charge quickly so you can move. Here are tips that will help you to charge it faster in...
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    How To Repair Damaged Or Corrupted Memory Card

    If you have a corrupt or damaged memory which you tried to format and it keeps replying you with WINDOWS CAN’T FORMAT DISK and you wish to repair it, kindly follow the following steps:- 1. Insert the corrupted memory card into a card reader, and then connect the card reader to the computer. 2...
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    The Gionee M5 Mini Has Got Nothing To Hide

    There is a difference between the phone about to be launched and one that has been bought. Before launch, a phone can be a bit too proud and boastful but after spending one week with its buyer, it will be more humble and sincere. The about-to-be-launched phone can hide behind glossy images...