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    Politics Buhari backs Amaechi as minister tackles Gambari over multi-million naira contract - Premium Times Nigeria
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    Politics Tribalism or Corruption: Which Is Nigeria's Greater Evil?

    Following on from our discussion on if Nigeria is a failed state, it is probably the right time to have a look at the many 'evils' that have contributed to the current state of the nation. The question for discussion - Tribalism or Corruption: Which Is Nigeria's Greater Evil? Do you have...
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    Politics Can President Buhari be trusted on RUGA?

    There has been a big push back from all regions against the proposed 'RUGA' settlements (Ranches) across Nigeria. There are several questions that one needs to get a handle on: Do we know what the RUGA plan is? Beyond ethnic sentiments, how many of us know what the details are Who was consulted...
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    Video Why Buhari Must Cancel RUGA Project, Not Just Suspend It

    Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has approved Ruga settlements across the 36 states for herdsmen. This means that states would give out lands which will serve as settlement for herdsmen.
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    Politics President Buhari's Surprising Attitude On International Trips Exposed by Nigeria's Foreign Minister

    For the first time, we get an insight into the true attitude of President Buhari on foreign trips. In this video, Nigeria's foreign minister, Onyeama, details the surprising but refreshing way Buhari handles himself on foreign trips.
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    Politics 'There Will Be No More Suspended Corrupt Cases' - Sagay

    In an interview on the current’s administration’s one year in office, the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on War Against Corruption, Professor Itse Sagay denied allegations that the government was being selective in the anti-graft war assuring Nigerians that justice would prevail...