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    General Health Sometimes all you need is motivation

    Wishing you a positive start to our new week
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    Sports Do you know Mancity is the first team to win the Premier League, FA Cup & EFL Cup in the same season

    The first team to win the Premier League, FA Cup & EFL Cup in the same season - @ManCity #MondayMotivation
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    Meet the man with the secret formula for winning at life – British GQ

    Bankrupt or billionaire: so seems to be the pathway for many starting businesses these days. As the world gets more techy, more competitive and, let’s face it, busier, the fight to the top is either more lucrative or less satisfactory than ever before. Tech firms either land at the … Read...
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    Bill Gates: A Billion Dollars Won’t Make You Happy But This Will –

    Yesterday, on his seventh Reddit AMA (that's "Ask Me Anything," for the uninitiated), Bill Gates took on a simple but profound question: "Are you happy?" You might think the answer is obvious. The man is a billionaire, after all. Why wouldn't a phenomenally rich guy like Gates be happy? Read...
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    General Health Lacking Motivation At Work? Here’s How To Turn Things Around – AskMen

    Just like your colleagues, you want to ace your job. This much we know, no big news there. So, how can you stand out from the pack to truly shine? Marc Effron, author of 8 Steps to High Performance, shares his fake it ‘til you make it mojo and more so you can slam dunk that job right into the...
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    General Health Staying motivated when feeling unappreciated – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    Following the reactions of young Nigerians on the outburst of President Muhamadu Buhari while speaking at the Common Wealth Business Forum, where he talked about the working abilities of Nigerian youths, I decided to write just few words on how to stay … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria...