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    DettolCleanNaija Storms Port Harcourt!!! Vote Now To Decide The Location.

    Dettol, one of the world’s leading consumer Health and Hygiene brand is revolutionizing the surface cleaning segment with the introduction of its new product, Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner. This new revolutionary product is a confirmation of Dettol’s vision of healthier homes and happier lives...
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    Dettol: Have You Voted To Clean Your City?

    80% of Hygiene related Illnesses are acquired indoors. The age-long conventional cleaning techniques are not enough to protect us from illness causing germs. That is why Dettol has taken the challenge with the NEW Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner to go city by city and clean a public establishment...
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    Dettol Launches A Revolution In Cleaning With The New Multi Surface Cleaner

    If you truly care about a clean and germ free environment, then you should read this. RB (Reckitt Benckiser) makers of Nigeria’s No 1 antiseptic product Dettol has launched the all New Dettol Multi Surface Cleaner with the #DettolCleanNaija Campaign. The #DettolCleanNaija team fully kited...