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  1. Nigeria World News

    World Father pulls son out of school so he can focus on video games full time – Myjoyonline

    In a time when parents around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about how much time their children are spending in front of the computer screen playing popular video games like Fortnite, one Canadian father is sparking controversy for supporting his son’s eSports career, going as far...
  2. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro South Africa grants visa-free status to Ghana – Myjoyonline News

    Ghana is the latest country to be granted a visa-free status by the South African government. South Africa's Department of Home Affairs has added Ghana to a list of seven countries whose nationals will be permitted to enter South Africa visa-free.... Read more via Myjoyonline News –...
  3. Nigeria World News

    World Arrested ModernGhana journalist claims electric shock torture – Myjoyonline News

    National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah. Editor of online news portal, has revealed harrowing torture at the hands of national security operatives after he and his colleagues were picked up last Thursday..... Read more via Myjoyonline News – Get...
  4. Nigeria World News

    World 26-year-old man torched to death after chief called him ‘armed robber’ – Myjoyonline

    Family of a 26-year old man lynched and set ablaze at Amoam Achiase, where two kidnapped Canadian nationals were recently rescued, is demanding justice. Driver’s mate, Wahab Sabaani, was attacked by a mob following shouts of ‘arm robber’ at the stranger by chief of the town, Nana … Read...
  5. Nigeria World News

    World 3 arrested for robbing fetish priest, kidnapping son – Myjoyonline

    Police in the Eastern region have arrested three persons who allegedly robbed a fetish priest and subsequently kidnapped his son and his driver. They are among a gang of eight criminals who attacked the home of Emmanuel Sarpong, a fetish priest at Tei-Nkwanta, a suburb of Koforidua … Read...
  6. Nigeria World News

    World Ghana is 4th Most Peaceful Country in Africa – Myjoyonline

    Ghana has been ranked as the fourth most peaceful country in Africa, according to the latest Global Peace Index. Mauritius, Botswana and Malawi ranked first, second and third respectively as the most peaceful countries in Africa. Ghana, however, placed 44th in the world with Iceland leading...
  7. Nigeria World News

    World Video: President Akufo-Addo heckled by gender activist – Myjoyonline

    Gender activists at the Women Deliver Conference in Canada were not too pleased with President Akufo-Addo’s submission on women empowerment in Ghana. The President has said, despite the majority being women in Ghana, not much political action had been witnessed in their push for greater...
  8. Nigeria World News

    World Charismatic churches kick against proposed law against ‘fake churches’ – Myjoyonline

    The Ghana Charismatic Bishops Conference has said an attempt by Members of Parliament to legislate against fake pastors and churches amounts to an attempt to control religious beliefs. “… Read more via Ghana News HomePage – Get more World News
  9. Nigeria World News

    World Suspect appears in court wearing clothes stolen from magistrate – Myjoyonline

    A trial magistrate of Otuke was on Thursday left speechless when a suspect appeared in court wearing his stolen clothes. The magistrate was prompted to adjourn hearing all the cases for one week to recover from the shock, a police officer, who attended the dramatic court session, … Read...
  10. Nigeria World News

    World Man dies on plane after ingesting 246 cocaine bags – Myjoyonline news

    A Japanese man has died on a flight from Mexico City after ingesting 246 bags of cocaine. The flight, bound for Japan’s Narita International Airport, had to make an emergency landing in Mexico’s Sonora state after he began to have seizures. Authorities said the man, identified as … Read...
  11. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Family cleans house, finds pet tortoise missing since 1982 – Myjoyonline News

    It’s no secret that tortoises are among the most resilient animals on Earth, perfectly adapted for life in natural environments that others would find inhospitable..... Read more via Myjoyonline News – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    World Couple leave newborn baby in taxi on way home from hospital – Myjoyonline

    A couple left their newborn baby in a taxi as they brought the child home from hospital for the first time. The parents got out of the vehicle with their eldest child, aged one, but forgot to remove their baby from the back seat. They were returning … Read more via Ghana News HomePage –...
  13. Nigeria World News

    World This woman claims she can’t find a job because of her good looks – Myjoyonline

    A 33-year-old law-school graduate from London decided to start her own retail company selling vintage clothes online after struggling to find a job because of her good looks. Russian-born Irina Kova claims that being attractive has made it harder for her to get a job in London, … Read more...
  14. Nigeria World News

    World Man charged with reckless driving wants to go to jail than home to wife – Myjoyonline

    A Florida man who was spotted standing through his sunroof while driving on a busy expressway told police that he would rather get locked up than go home to his wife. 70-year-old Leonard Olsen was detained last week after being spotted by an off-duty policeman while standing … Read more via...
  15. Nigeria Metro News

    Metro Doctor finds spider building a nest inside man’s ear – Myjoyonline

    A Chinese doctor shared a video of the unusual cause of a patient’s ear discomfort — a spider building a nest inside his head. The video filmed at a hospital in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, shows the inside of an ear belonging to a patient identified by the … Read more via Ghana News...
  16. Nigeria World News

    World Police to beef up security at school where headmaster was beaten to death – Myjoyonline

    Police say they are working to provide security for teachers of the Salvation Army Basic School following the murder of a headteacher there by some teenagers. Five of the six teenagers involved in the attack have been arrested and are currently in police custody. The incident has … Read...
  17. Nigeria World News

    Photo of the week: Ghana’s $79m problem – open defecation – Myjoyonline News

    Open defecation costs the country $79m each year, according to the Institute of Environment and Sanitation at the University of Ghana... Read more via Myjoyonline News – Get more World News
  18. Nigeria World News

    World Ghana losing rainforest faster than any other country in the world – Myjoyonline

    Ghana’s rainforest is being lost at an alarming rate, according to a new report about the state of forests worldwide. Global Forest Watch (GFW) used updated remote sensing and satellite data from the.... Read more via Myjoyonline – Get more World News
  19. Nigeria World News

    World Ghanaian scholar appointed 15th President of Millersville University – Myjoyonline News

    A Ghanaian scholar, Dr Daniel A. Wubah, has been appointed as the 15th President of Millersville University, Pennsylvania in the United State of America.... Read more via Myjoyonline News – Get more World News
  20. Nigeria World News

    World First look inside the new Boeing 777X – Myjoyonline

    Sculpted side walls, a cabin that’s four inches wider than its predecessor, pressurization that alleviates jet lag — plus, every passenger can see out the window. This is the promise of the new Boeing 777X, a hotly anticipated next-generation aircraft that is coming closer to readiness, in …...