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    World NASA Puts a Price on a 2024 Moon Landing – Wired

    Nearly 10 months after Vice President Mike Pence directed NASA to return astronauts to the moon by 2024, the space agency has estimated how much its Artemis Program will cost.... Read more via Wired – Get more World News
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    World Jeff Bezos Reveals His ‘Blue Moon’ Lunar Lander – Entrepreneur

    Blue Origin is building a lunar lander aptly called the Blue Moon. Jeff Bezos has announced his space company’s shared goal with NASA to go back to our planet’s fateful companion in the next few years at an event for media and space … Read more via Entrepreneur –
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    World Nasa cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size – The Guardian

    Nasa’s plans for an all-female spacewalk have fallen through – at least in part because the agency doesn’t have enough spacesuits that fit the astronauts. Early this month, Nasa announced that Christina Koch and Anne McClain would take part in the first-of-its kind mission on... Read more via...
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    World The race is on to find killer asteroids before it’s too late – WIRED

    With Japan’s Hayabusa2 currently investigating asteroid Ryugu and Nasa’s OSIRIS-REx currently en route to Bennu, the future of asteroid exploration looks bright. However, one thing is missing: a map that can track where these icy rocks are moving within our busy solar system.... Read more via...
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    World NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Sends Beautiful Photo of Jupiter Back to Earth – Newsweek

    The far-off planet of Jupiter is largely a mystery for most scientists and people on Earth but NASA’s Juno spacecraft is working to change that. Not only is the craft that orbits Jupiter there collecting data to help scientists discover the origins of Jupiter, but it’s also sending back … Read...
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    World NASA names its first female chief flight director – CNET – CNET

    NASA has appointed Holly Ridings as its next chief flight director, marking the first time a woman has held the role. Holly Ridings started with NASA in 1998. Bill Stafford/NASA Ridings, who’s been with NASA since … Read more via CNET – Get more World News
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    Metro Man Allegedly Used Fake Facebook Surveys to Solicit Password Clues and Extort Nude Photos From Women – Gizmodo

    A former NASA contractor has been arrested for allegedly hacking into several women’s Facebook and email accounts in order to obtain intimate photos, and using them as blackmail unless they provided him with additional nude photos. The man, 28-year-old Richard Gregory Bauer, was arrested on...
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    World Nasa postpones ‘mission to the Sun’ – BBC News

    Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionParker Solar Probe: How Nasa is … Read more via BBC News – Get more World News
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    World See Dramatic Cyclones Churning on Jupiter’s Surface in These New NASA Photos – Yahoo News

    Extraordinary new images released by NASA show the ‘gas giant’ Jupiter as it’s never been seen before. The out-of-this-world images, which are derived from data collected from NASA’s Juno spacecraft, show a multitude of massive cyclones on Jupiter, churning around the planet’s north Read...
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    World An Asteroid Bigger Than the World’s Tallest Building Will Fly by Earth Next Month – TIME

    A massive “potentially hazardous” asteroid spanning more than the length of the world’s tallest building will fly by our planet on Feb. 4. The roughly .7-mile long asteroid is considered longer than the Burj Khalifa, which at .5 miles high currently stands as the world’s tallest building, and...