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    Business ntel Unveils New Data Promo, Delights Subscribers with Unlimited Data

    NatCom Development and Investment Company “NatCom” (trading as ntel) has unveiled a two for three data promo for customers who want to enjoy more data for less on its 4G/LTE Advanced network. ntelis offering prospective customers who buy any of the 4G/VoLTE-enabled TecnoCamon C5 or Konka R2...
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    Business NATCOM Injects $1bn Into NITEL, Rolls out Operations In March

    New owners of Nigerian Telecommunication Limited (NITEL) and Mobile Telecommunication Limited (Mtel), NATCOM Development and Investment Limited, is set to roll out operations in March. According to Mr. Olatunde Ayeni, chairman of NATCOM, the company has spent about $1 billion to revive the...