nb weekly 13

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    NB Weekly 13 Quiz (N10K Cash Prize)

    For a chance to win N10,000 in cash in the NB Weekly Quiz, please review the NB Weekly magazine and answer the question that follows. The winner and runners-up will be selected at 12pm on Thursday 4th of May 2017. Winner and runners-up will be displayed here and also contacted by our...
  2. siteadmin

    NB Weekly 13 - Lifestyle Porn: Nigerians Faking It To Make It

    Our obsession with what is commonly known as lifestyle porn is not a new thing. It is the way of movie stars and celebrities; however, thanks to social media today - everyone can be a star in their own show, fake or real. Before social media hit our shores, we had Ovation, City People and other...
  3. mrdigitech

    Online Shopping - Ten Important Things You should Avoid

    With the advent of information and technology related products, our daily activities and schedules have become easier to manage in recent times. Traditional shopping methods are now being relegated for technology-driven shopping methods, one of which is Online Shopping. Being able to shop for...
  4. R

    7 Avoidable Habits That Will Give You A Big Belly

    Many people are trying so hard without success to keep their belly in shape. Instead of getting flat, it’s getting bigger. ‘What am I doing wrong?’ They often wonder. Losing belly fat can sometimes be a strenuous task or may even be impossible, but with the right advice, diet and workout...
  5. Innovictor

    House Rent: 5 Important Questions To Ask Your Landlord

    Unless you have unbelievably deep pockets, you'll have to rent an apartment, house or office space at some point in time. However, what appears to be a seemingly easy transaction of renting a property, might turn out to become a hydra-headed nightmare when unforeseen situations begin to come up...