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    Nigeria: 10 Colourful Festivals You Should Never Miss

    There are so many things that make Nigeria a very beautiful country. Festivals is one of them. Across the country, every state has one festival or the other that gives colourful experience to tourists – a pleasant way to explore the rich cultural heritage. Below is a list of some of these...
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    Fulani Milk Maids: 8 Things Every Nigerian Should Know

    Unlike the selling of animals, the selling of dairy products is widespread among the Fulani. The traditional pastoral sector is known for the production of milk. Its trade is the most important economic preoccupation of the Fulani, especially by their women who are referred to as the milk maids...
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    Nigeria: 6 Important Drums Of The Yoruba People

    Nigeria is an interesting country to be and to visit. There is so much to be proud of with respect to arts and culture. Drumming especially is a vital part of the cultural heritage of the Yoruba people of Southwestern Nigeria. Drums are used in special occasions, festivals, carnivals...