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    World Man Dies While Trying to Take Selfie With Wild Elephant

    A man was killed in southern Nepal as he tried to take a selfie with a wild elephant, Parsa Wildlife Reserve authorities said on Wednesday. “The man had been driving a water tanker when he stopped to take a photograph with the animal. “The wild elephant attacked the man and killed him,’’...
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    The Drink Of Life And Death In Nepal

    In Nepal, deities dictate the ebb of low and flow of life. They even share a favourite drink, “Raski”, with the Nepalese. This video from BBC Travels has the details. WATCH VIDEO:
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    World Ramesh Darji: 11-Year-Old Heartbroken Boy Turning Into STONE [See Photos]

    Ramesh Darji suffers from Ichthyosis which causes scales to grow on body His parents searched everywhere for a cure - but were told it was too costly Ramesh, 11, has not got any friends as his condition scares other children He has been given new hope by British singer, who is paying for...
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    World Nepal Passenger Plane Wreckage Found, All Passengers Feared Dead

    A small plane carrying 23 people that went missing on Wednesday has reportedly crashed in Nepal, killing all passengers on board. “Wreckage of missing plane found in Nepal. All 23 people on board killed,” said Nepal tourism minister. The plane was flying in poor visibility over mountainous...
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    World Nepal: Passenger Plane Carrying 21 People Goes Missing

    The small passenger plane, which was carrying 21 passengers, lost contact with air traffic controllers over mountainous terrain. Airport boss, Yogendra Kuwar said there were no alternative landing strips between the two airports the plane was flying between – and that it is believed to have...