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    World Groom shot dead in front of wife just moments after wedding in Mexico*vt887v*_ga*MTE2MDk3OTQwMS4xNjY2ODc2MzQ3*_ga_0DZ7LHF5PZ*MTY2Njg3NjM0Ni4xLjEuMTY2Njg3NjM4Mi4wLjAuMA..
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    Metro This is what happens when porn stars get married – New York Post

    I HAVE met many couples in the adult industry who are in open relationships. For them … Read more via New York Post – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    General Health ‘Urine therapy’ is the latest health craze – New York Post

    0:41 ‘Urine therapy’ is the latest health craze Proponents of drinking your own pee and rubbing it on your skin claim the practice leads to the fountain of youth. “After I started fasting, the pee stopped smelling and started tasting like coconut water,” said Julia Sillaman, a 26-year-old …...
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    April 23 is the latest kooky prediction for the Rapture – New York Post

    The end is near. The world will cease to exist on April 23, according to a prediction that has some laughing, some yawning and yet others making preparations that could leave their lives in shambles. The warning about an upcoming Rapture, from numerologist David Meade, follows a … Read...
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    World Bedbugs grounded British Airways flight to Ghana from London – Market Watch

    British Airways had to ground a jet after the cabin crew refused to fly on it due to a bedbug infestation. They walked out minutes before takeoff and were beyond their working hours when a replacement plane was found. The flight to Ghana eventually left Heathrow four hours late. via...