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    World Putin Ally Demands 'Traitors and Deserters' Be Shot as Russia Retreats - Newsweek
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    World Russian politician demands Putin “immediately” stop Ukraine invasion – Newsweek
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    World Did Donald Trump nearly confirm existence of aliens? Israeli ex-space chief makes bizarre claim – Newsweek
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    World Sean Hannity Predicts Americans Will ‘Regret’ Voting for Biden When they Start Missing Trump’s Tweets – Newsweek
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    World Trump Leads After New Hampshire Villages Announce First U.S. Election Results – Newsweek News
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    World Buttigieg Digs Trump After Limbaugh’s ‘Gay Guy’ Remarks: I’ve Never Sent ‘Hush Money to A Porn Star After Cheating’ – Newsweek

    Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg responded to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s remarks about his sexual orientation during a CNN town hall in Nevada on Tuesday evening by noting that he has never sent “hush money to a porn star after cheating.” When asked by event host …...
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    World Trump Retweets Falwell’s Call to Extend His First Presidential Term by 2 Years: ‘Time Stolen by This Corrupt Failed Coup’ – Newsweek

    President Donald Trump on Sunday retweeted Liberty University President Jerry Falwell’s post, calling for the first term of his presidency to be extended by two years “as pay back for time stolen by this corrupt failed coup.” “After the best week ever for @realDonaldTrump – no obstruction, no...
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    World Democrats Call for Impeachment of Attorney General William Barr after Mueller Letter – Newsweek

    Calls for Attorney General William Barr’s resignation resounded Tuesday evening after The Washington Post reported on a letter written by special counsel Robert Mueller saying he disagreed with Barr’s handling of his report. “Mueller’s letter shows that Attorney General Barr has always been...
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    World Israel Election Results 2019: Benjamin Netanyahu Claims Victory, But Race Is Still Tight Until Votes Finalized – Newsweek

    The polls closed for Israel’s elections Tuesday night, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is claiming a victory after exit polls show the race too close to call. The Associated Press called the... Read more via Newsweek – Get more World News
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    World Trump Campaign Sends List of Democrats Who Made ‘False Claims’ About Russian Collusion To News Networks, Encourages Not To Book Them – Newsweek

    President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is encouraging television news networks to cease booking several Democrats on their programs, citing “outlandish, false claims” made by the individuals named in a letter sent to the networks on Monday. The letter was penned by Tim Murtaugh, the...
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    Metro Man Who Ate Marijuana Lollipop Had Heart Attack Caused by ‘Fearful Hallucinations’ – Newsweek

    A man ate a lollipop and suffered a heart attack triggered by frightening hallucinations, physicians have revealed. The unnamed man, 70, was taking medicines for coronary artery diseaseand his condition was stable. He suffered a heart attack after he ate around 70mg of THC, the psychoactive...
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    General Health Contact Lens Horror Stories Revealed by Scientists After Man Loses Cornea From Sleeping in Lenses – Newsweek

    Sleeping in contact lenses once in a while: how bad can it really be? It’s this lax attitude scientists are trying to combat by revealing horror stories caused by patients being careless. In one case highlighted in the paper published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, a 57-year-old man wore...
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    World ‘It Doesn’t Matter. We Won’: Donald Trump Dismisses Treatment of Christine Blasey Ford During Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Process – Newsweek

    President Donald Trump has defended a contentious speech he delivered earlier this month at a rally in Mississippi, in which he mocked the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, the Palo Alto University professor who.... Read more via Newsweek – Get more World News
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    World World Teachers’ Day 2018: The Best and Worst States for Teachers – Newsweek

    They’re the people who taught you to read and laid the foundation that gives you the ability to add up what you spent for the month and realize you’re way over budget. They’re the people you.... Read more via Newsweek – Get more World News
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    World Donald Trump Will Be Banned From Non-profits for 10 Years If the New York Attorney General Has Her Way – Newsweek

    New York state Attorney General Barbara Underwood has asked a judge to ban President Donald Trump from working with any non-profit group for 10 years from when he leaves office, after alleging his Foundation regularly broke federal and state law. In a memo to New York Supreme Court Justice …...
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    World Former South Korean President Jailed for 15 Years for Corruption, Becomes Fourth South Korean Leader to be Jailed – Newsweek

    Former South Korean president Lee Myung-bak has been given a 15-year jail sentence and a multi-million dollar fine for bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power. Lee was accused of receiving multi-million dollar bribes from the company Samsung in return for pardoning its chairman Lee Kun-hee...
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    World Brexit Countdown: With 6 Months to Go, Is Britain Ready for the Worst? – Newsweek

    Thursday marks six months to Brexit Day—March 29, 2019. As things stand, that will be the day the U.K. leaves the European Union (EU), whether with a newly-negotiated relationship or with nothing at all. It may be six months until Brexit Day, but any … Read more via More Top Stories –...
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    World Archaeologists Find Ancient Mayan Lost Cities in Guatemala Using Lasers – Newsweek

    Archaeologists have found over 60,000 previously undiscovered ancient structures in northern Guatemala with the help of lasers, in the largest survey ever done in the region of Maya civilization. The survey combats previous assumptions that the area was poorly connected and sparsely populated...
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    Entertainment Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Assault in Lawsuit by Masseur – Newsweek News

    A masseuse made a house call to Kevin Spacey’s Malibu home two years ago and claimed he ... via Newsweek News – Get more Nigeria Entertainment News
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    World Military Plane Reportedly Crashed in South Carolina, Pilot Ejected – Newsweek

    On Friday morning, a military plane crashed in Beaufort County, South Carolina, prompting a response from law enforcement. The crash occurred around 11:45 a.m. EST near Clarendon Road and Joe Allen Drive in Grays Hill, South Carolina, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. …...