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    General Health Obesity increases risk of premature blood vessel ageing – New Telegraph
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    General Health Soft drinks increase risk of tooth wear – Newtelegraph

    Researchers is in the United Kingdom (UK) have found that sugar-sweetened acidic drinks, such as soft drinks, is the common factor between obesity and tooth wear among adults. Their new study published yesterday in the journal ‘Clinical Oral Investigations,’ found that the increased...
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    Sexual Health Tomato puree could boost male fertility – Newtelegraph

    Scientists in the United Kingdom (UK) said healthy men who took the equivalent of two tablespoons of (concentrated) tomato puree a day as a supplement were found to have better quality sperm. The findings of their research were published in the ‘European Journal of Nutrition’. According to the...
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    General Health Skin-lightening creams could damage health – Newtelegraph

    Consumers have been cautioned to steer clear of skin- lightening creams over the danger they pose to the populace using them. According to the Local Government Association in the United Kingdom (UK), which issued the warning, skin lightening creams should be “avoided at all costs,” based on...
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    General Health Study: Unhealthy gums linked to liver cancer risk – Newtelegraph

    Scientists in the United Kingdom (UK) said people who experience poor oral health including sore or bleeding gums or loose teeth, have a 75 per risk of developing liver cancer. These are the findings of a new study published in the journal of the ‘United European Gastroenterology’. Before this...
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    General Health Daily vitamin D pill could reduce deaths from cancer – Newtelegraph

    Scientists from the United States (US) said boosting vitamin D levels by taking a daily supplement could reduce the risk of dying from cancer by 13 per cent. A U.S researcher, Dr. Shifeng Mao, from the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute in Pittsburgh, reported findings showing that …...