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    Metro Boko Haram kills six traders in Borno ambush – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    Boko Haram fighters killed six traders when they ambushed a convoy of lorries under military escort in northeast Nigeria, a civilian militia member and a local resident said on Thursday. “Six traders were killed in an ambush by … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper –...
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    Metro 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Say Yes, Even When the Answer is No – Entrepreneur Online News

    From the outside, it appears I’ve lived a charmed life. I went to a great college and landed a solid job right after graduation. I married the woman of my dreams. I live in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. I’ve created networks from … Read more via Entrepreneur: Latest...
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    Metro The 1 Simple Rule Followed By The World’s Most Successful People – AskMen News

    This 5-Hour Rule Is Used By the World’s Most Successful People As a society, we are obsessed with the idea of maximizing our productivity. From countless articles and reports about managing sleep cycles to optimize success and productivity hacks that allow us to operate like some sentient...
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    Re: Ohaneze Ndigbo Vs IPOB – The Sun News

    I returned from church and bought the Sunday Sun newspaper and saw your article on Ohaneze vs IPOB. It was well written and your points were excellently marshaled out. When Nnia Nwodo became our president I was happy because he is a very intelligent man but it … Read more via The Sun News...