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    Metro ‘Anyone who hates Biafra can never make heaven’ – Nnamdi Kanu – Information Nigeria

    Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB Indigenous People of Biafra, has stated that anyone who hates Biafra, can never make heaven as the angels in Heaven speak Igbo language. While addressing Biafra supporters in Texas, USA yesterday Sunday June 23rd. Kanu said; “God gave Read more via...
  2. Nigeria Political News

    Politics You Are Only Making Noise – Reps Member Tells Oshiomhole – Tori News

    He said Oshiomhole’s insistence that APC must determine the leadership of the 9th National Assembly would not work. Read more via Tori News – -- Get More Nigeria Political News
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    World Man chops off own finger after voting for wrong party in elections - DAILY TRUST

    A man has chopped off his index finger in desperation after voting for the wrong party in India’s general election. Pawan Kumar became confused by the symbols on the electronic voting machine and voted for Narendra Modi’s party instead of its regional rival in Uttar Pradesh state on Thursday...
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    Metro Nigeria needs to produce quality citizens and not just quantity citizens - Senator Ben Bruce - LINDA IKEJIS BLOG

    According to the 'common sense' lawmaker, 'we are popping out babies and we are not popping out wealth. That equation is dangerous to our national health. It is a potent recipe for war and insecurity. We need more producers, not more consumers' READ MORE
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    Metro Inside story of how British tourist was shot dead in Kaduna - THE CABLE

    Faye Mooney, a Briton, was one of the two persons shot dead at Kajuru Castle in Kaduna state on Friday morning. Suspected bandits had attacked the holiday resort but two mobile policemen guarding the facility were said to have prevented them from gaining access to the facility. A source told...