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    Metro “Money makes me wet” – Lady opens up – YabaLeftOnline

    A young woman has complained about how she freely throws her legs open whenever she meets a wealthy man. Joro Olumofin, a psychologist and relationship blogger shared the story of a young woman who gets turned on the moment she sees a posh car or any good thing money can buy. Read more via...
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    200,000 women living with fistula in Nigeria, says experts – The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper

    The life of Mrs. Patience Stephen, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, took a downward plunge 18 years ago, when she developed vesico vagina fistula (VVF). Not only did her husband abandon her, other family members also deserted her because of her worsening health condition... Read more via The...
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    Metro Nigerian Women Share The Foolish Things They Ever Did For Love (Must Read) – Nairaland

    (0) (1) (Reply) What Do I Do N How Do I Know When It’s Love? / The Ideal First Date : / Nairalanders, Please Read This Story And Be Amazed ! Viewing this topic: Gooodlife, tkays(m), Charlico2, debh(m), onlyme07(m), kingsoncj, HighKing01(m), Dreamtourz(m), Patoskid(m), HelenBee(f), walezy85...
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    Metro 26 Nigerian Women Sexually Abuse, Killed While Crossing Mediterranean Sea

    Twenty-six Nigerian women lost their lives while attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea. The women, the youngest of whom is thought to have been just 14, were trying to reach Europe from Libya. The Nigerians are suspected to have been sexually abused and murdered at the sea, BBC reports...
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    5 Traits Nigerian Men Search For In A Wife

    Marriage and just being in a relationship are poles apart. Since they are so very different, it is only natural that different yardsticks are used in measuring the traits in a prospective life partner. Naija men have their head on their shoulders, when it comes to deciding whom they would pick...
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    Politics Nigeria: 10 Prominent Women That May One Day Be President

    Here are 10 Nigerian women who are political vibrant and can vie for the office of the president some day. They includes but not limited to: Abike Dabiri Oby Ezekwesili Okonjo Iweala Remi Tinubu Kema Achikwu Oluremi Sonaya Alison Madueke Diezani Daisy Danjuma Florence Ita-Giwa Dame...
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    Metro [Archive] Nigerian Women Are The Most Unfaithful In The World - Durex

    With Valentine's Day just around the corner and the hearts of lovers beat in anticipation, getting ready to outdo one another in expressing their love and commitment, a survey conducted by condom manufacturer, Durex, in which 29,000 people in 36 countries were interviewed has ranked Nigerian...