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  1. Nigeria Entertainment News

    Entertainment Netflix Launches ‘Netflix Naija’ and Announces First Nigerian Original Series – OkayAfrica News

    After much anticipation, Netflix has announced its presence in Nigeria. Yesterday, the streaming giant, which had been procuring Nigerian content throughout much of last year after acquiring Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart in 2018, announced the arrival of Netflix Naija with a new Twitter...
  2. Nigeria Business News

    Business Afropreneurs: Meet the Designer Reinventing Nigerian Workspaces – OkayAfrica

    In the digital age when a fancy rectangle in our pockets can find us whatever we want, customize it and deliver it to our door, it’s odd that the same thought process isn’t also applied to physical space. Why does every parking lot feel exactly the … Read more via “nigeria” – Google News –...