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  1. [VIDEO]How to Avoid E-Commerce Scammers in Nigeria: Okuntola Shares Five Tips

    Personal Finance [VIDEO]How to Avoid E-Commerce Scammers in Nigeria: Okuntola Shares Five Tips

  2. M Your Best Shopping Experience Guaranteed

    Just a few years ago, buying, for instance, a car was a complicated and time-consuming process. The single research lasted for quite long time, followed by doubts whether you can afford it, whether it is possible to find a better option, or if it is possible to postpone the purchase and spend...
  3. L

    5 Reasons Why e-Commerce Is Not Thriving In Nigeria As It Should

    Let’s face the fact- we, human beings love shopping. Everybody enjoys new stuffs - from shiny new shoes to the latest sophisticated gadgets. Who wouldn’t like an upgrade from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7? Or who wouldn’t want to wear that new design everyone's talking about? Formerly, shopping is done...
  4. M

    5 Things To Consider When Buying Electronics Online In Nigeria

    With the rapid development of technology across the globe, the world, and its people have shifted focus to whatever concerns technology. From day to day activities, business, education, and all; the use of online facilities has increased by a very large margin in the recent past. Well, we also...
  5. mrdigitech

    Online Shopping - Ten Important Things You should Avoid

    With the advent of information and technology related products, our daily activities and schedules have become easier to manage in recent times. Traditional shopping methods are now being relegated for technology-driven shopping methods, one of which is Online Shopping. Being able to shop for...