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    Corruption In Nigeria Is A Lost War By Idris Usman

    Corruption has been an issue in the political lexicon of the country so much so that every regime, often promise either to fight or terminate corruption, and one is surprised by the sudden surge in identifying President Goodluck’s administration, as being responsible for the introduction of...
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    Buhari's State Of Health: Nigerians Should Accept Responsibilities by Ademiloye Adediji

    Many Nigerians have been complaining about the health status of our president and the state of the economy of the country. Sometimes ago the presidency said that Buhari will be ruling from home based on his health status. Some ignorant citizens have been bawling-out the presidency over the scoop...
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    Metro Why I am Convinced God Does Not Speak to Pastor Adeboye by Dr. Ijabla Raymond [OPINION]

    Last week was quite interesting on Nigeria's social media space. It started with a video of Pastor Adeboye telling his followers not to marry a woman that can neither cook nor pray for one straight hour. The question that has been on my mind is: does that mean God is deaf? What parent makes...
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    Politics The Limit of Gov Fayose's Immunity - Femi Falana [OPINION]

    Here's an opinion piece from prominent Nigerian lawyer, Femi Falana, over the immunity enjoyed by Ayodele Fayose as the Ekiti state governor. Fayose's account was recently frozen by the EFCC allegedly in connection to a fraud investigation. The governor exploded, vowing to bring down heaven...
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    Politics Nigeria: 10 Things That Would Have Happened If Buhari Did Not Become President [OPINION]

    Umar Aminu Ibrahim shared this opinion on Facebook and itemised 10 things that people would have ascribed to Nigeria if Muhammadu Buhari did not win the presidential election last year. According to Ibrahim, the followings are what he understand as the benefits of Buhari becoming the president...
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    Politics Nelson Mandela, President Buhari, & Tolu Ogunlesi By Pius Adesanmi

    Nelson Mandela died and was buried in a blaze of international glory. They came from all over the world to give him a colourful burial. Such was the carnival atmosphere of bidding one of Africa's greatest ancestors farewell that Brother Barack Obama was even caught committing lookery on the...
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    Politics 2016 Budget: [OPINION] Blunders Upon Blunders Upon Blunders - Femi Aribisala

    Femi Aribisala takes a deep analysis into the 2016 budget of 'change' as presented to the National Assembly by the Presdient, Moahmmadu Buhari. READ: When the incredible issue of a missing/counterfeited 2016 budget arose some weeks ago, I was expecting to hear from the APC that Goodluck...
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    Politics [OPINION] Is This The War On Corruption? - Chima Chime

    Any careful observer of the interaction between Nigeria’s justice system and the political attacks on non-conformists will immediately surmise that Nigeria’s justice system is under attack. Similarly, as democracy is aimed at enshrining institutions and precedents for the common good, and not...