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    World Report: Apple paid Samsung $680 million for missing display target orders – Pocketnow

    Companies are preparing to release their detailed earnings figures later this month and Samsung is expected to post declines for the third consecutive quarter, mostly due to the U.S.-China trade war and Japanese export curbs. However, Samsung’s display division will post some attractive...
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    World Huawei CEO confirms 5G foldable smartphone for 2019 – Pocketnow News

    We already know, thanks to Huawei chairman Ken Hu, that the company is working on a foldable ... Read more via Pocketnow News – https://ift.tt/2PHHStu Get more World News
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    Business Galaxy Note 9 battery overheats, smokes out, now subject of lawsuit – Pocketnow

    A New York woman has launched a lawsuit against Samsung after her Galaxy Note 9 “became extremely hot” and began emitting thick smoke. The issue, which the company says is the.... Read more via Pocketnow – https://ift.tt/2xwkmYH Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    Metro Android Gmail app officially has Undo Send – Pocketnow

    On desktop formats, Gmail has had an “Undo Send” feature for some time now that allows users to halt the (potentially damaging) email they’ve just sent from making it to the recipient and revise it, preventing (potential) headaches. That feature has apparently made it to the Gmail Android app...
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    Business Nokia’s “most awaited phone” coming August 21 – Pocketnow

    No, that doesn’t mean that the Lumia 1020 is back, though we’re pretty sure many have been indeed waiting for that. Nokia took it to Twitter to announce its upcoming August 21 event. What will Nokia unveil? Its “most awaited phone”. Though that’s pretty vague, our money is on … Read more...
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    Metro Galaxy Note9 benchmark results poorer than iPhone X – Pocketnow

    In a world where benchmark results still matter, the iPhone X outperforms the newly announced Note9. As Galaxy Note9 benchmark results are popping up, the phone is being compared to Apple’s $1,000-phone... Read more via Pocketnow – https://ift.tt/2OqbjyZ Get More Nigeria Metro News