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    Sexual Health He says he became addicted to porn at age 12. This is what he wants parents to know – CNN
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    General Health Watching pornography rewires the brain to a more juvenile state – The Conversation

    Pornography has existed throughout recorded history, transforming with the introduction of each new medium. Hundreds of sexually explicit frescoes and sculptures were found in the Mount Vesuvius ruins of Pompeii..... Read more via The Conversation
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    Sexual Health Watching Porn and Gaming Is Bad for Romance, Says Science – AskMen

    It’s no secret that too much screen time can have a negative impact on various aspects of our lives. A recent study has found that it isn’t just the screen time – specific activities can negatively affect relationships … Read more via AskMen
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    Sexual Health Want To Cut Down On Your XXX Viewing Habits? Read This – AskMen

    Ask anyone born before 1985 what their formative experiences with pornography were and you’re likely to hear tales of stolen porn mags or smuggled VHS tapes. But more than the media, the rarity was what seemed to mark these moments — prior to modern internet porn’s widespread use, erotica was...
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    Sexual Health Help me with pornography! – Retail Christianity – Medium – Medium

    One of my readers sent me an SOS a few days ago: “Please, help me with a guide out of pornography addiction. Please. I’m tired. I’ve prayed and I’ve tried staying off it for [a] few days, yet I go back.” I sympathize. I used … Read more via Medium
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    Metro Mother, stepfather sell son for online pornography – Punch Newspapers

    A mother and stepfather have been charged with selling their young boy online for sex. The story went on trial in Germany on Monday (today), in a case that police say is one of the “most atrocious” they have investigated. Berrin T., 48, and Christian L., 39, also … Read more via Punch...
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    Metro 10 Powerful Powers Of Pornography, Even In Church? – Vanguard News

    “Soft” porn has become acceptable. When we allow ourselves to watch stuff that we know cross-es God’s line – even though it may not qualify as XXX-rated material – we only open the door for the Enemy to press his way into our lives. He does not miss those opportunities. 8. Pornography use has...