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    World The Philippines may soon be known as Maharlika – TODAY.NG

    The Philippines or Maharlika? Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has reiterated his plan to change the name of the country. In a speech late Sunday night, President Rodrigo Duterte clarified that he has no specific name yet in mind. “No particular name yet but sure I would like to change …...
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    World Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte admits he sexually assaulted a maid – INFORMATION NIGERIA

    Filipino politician Rodrigo Roa Duterte, also known as Digong and Rody who is the 16th and current President of the Philippines and the first from Mindanao has sparked fresh outrage after admitting he sexually assaulted a maid when he was a teenager..... Read more via INFORMATION NIGERIA –...
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    World Philippines tests first ever missile system – Premium Times Nigeria

    The Philippine Navy on Thursday successfully tested its first ever missile system, acquired from an Israeli weapons manufacturer, Officials said. The Spike Extended Range missile system, fitted on a multipurpose attack craft, accurately hit a metal plate target six kilometres away, Navy...