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    World New York writer says she was raped by Trump in 1990s – PressTV Media

    US President Donald Trump is facing another allegation of sexual assault after a woman, writer E. Jean Carroll, claimed she was raped by the then real estate developer in the mid 1990s. Her allegation was published Friday in the New York magazine..... Read more via PressTV Media RSS –...
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    Sports Turkey Reacts To Mesut Ozil's Decision To Quit German National Team - Press TV News

    Turkey has praised a decision by German soccer star Mesut Ozil to quit the national team for being subjected to “racism and disrespect” over his Turkish roots following his meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan back in May. READ MORE HERE
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    World Syria vows to end US presence; Russia, Turkey warn over ‘border force’ plan – PressTV Media RSS

    Damascus says it is determined to end US military presence after Washington declared plans to build a 30,000-member “border force” in the Arab country that Russia says could lead to Syria’s partition. Syria’s Foreign Ministry on Monday slammed the plan as a “blatant assault” on its sovereignty...