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    World Trump’s lousy high-school diplomacy will isolate US: Ron Paul – PressTV Media

    US President Donald Trump is practicing a “lousy high-school diplomacy” which will backfire and isolate the United States on the global stage, according to former Congressman and political analyst Ron Paul..... Read more via PressTV Media – Get more World News
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    World US jails Chinese woman for smuggling military secrets – PressTV Media

    A Chinese woman has been jailed in the United States after pleading guilty to smuggling sensitive space and military communications technology back to China, the US Justice Department says.... Read more via PressTV Media – Get more World News
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    World Saudi asks Canada to stop treating it like ‘banana state’ – PressTV

    Saudi Arabia has demanded an apology from Canada for calling for the release of Saudi women’s rights activists, and for treating the kingdom as “a banana republic”. Canada and Saudi Arabia are locked in a diplomatic dispute, triggered by Canadian criticism of the Saudi Arabia’s human … Read...
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    World Trump defends his Supreme Court nominee, but says he could change his mind – PressTV

    US President Donald Trump has strongly defended his embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but for the first time indicated he could withdraw his nomination based on an upcoming testimony about Kavanaugh's alleged sexual misconduct.... Read more via PressTV –
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    World US urges Japan to halt Iran oil imports: Report – PressTV Media RSS

    Washington has reportedly called on Japan to completely halt oil imports from Iran following new US sanctions against Tehran... Read more via PressTV Media RSS – Get more World News
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    Suspected terrorist attack kills 4 in Belgium – PressTV Media RSS

    A suspected terrorist attack in the Belgian city of Liege has left a total of four people dead, including the attacker. Authorities on Tuesday confirmed the toll from the shooting in d’Avroy central boulevard which left two policewomen and a passer-by dead. The man who carried … Read more...
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    World Abbas turns to African states after saying no future role for US in Palestinian issues –...

    Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas calls on African states to join a multilateral mechanism to discuss the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, after spurning any US role in such negotiations. “Pursuing peace efforts requires the establishment of a multilateral mechanism under...
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    World US Vice President Pence arrives in Israel to discuss Trump’s al-Quds decision – PressTV...

    Hailed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “great friend,” US Vice President Mike Pence has arrived in Tel Aviv as part of a Middle East tour revolving around Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Israel. Pence landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport on …...
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    World Five arrested, others killed in operation to nab Venezuela former police pilot – PressTV...

    Venezuela says five members of a “terrorist cell” linked to a police pilot who has defected and who attacked the country’s Supreme Court during anti-government unrest last year, have been arrested and several others have been killed in an operation. The Venezuelan Interior Ministry said in a...
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    World Russia ready to support direct talks on North Korea crisis: Lavrov – PressTV Media RSS

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday (January 15) Moscow is ready to support direct talks between parties involved in the North Korea missile crisis. via PressTV Media RSS – Get more World News
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    Trump attempting to sabotage Iran nuclear deal: Analyst – Press Media Tv

    US President Donald Trump’s plan to impose additional sanctions against Iran that are separate from those covered under the international nuclear agreement violates the “spirit” of the deal and is a “clever way” of sabotaging it, says Gareth Porter, an American investigative journalist and...
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    World Ex-Honduras president hit by rubber bullets at rally – PressTV Media RSS

    Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was the victim of rubber bullets and tear gas as he led a protest march against a contested presidential election in November on Friday. (Source: AFP) via PressTV Media RSS – Get more World News