1. Cholera Outbreak in Nigeria: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

    Disease & Conditions Cholera Outbreak in Nigeria: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

    Summary: Nigeria faces a severe cholera outbreak, with over 1,100 cases reported. This article provides essential tips to protect yourself and your family, including ensuring safe drinking water, practicing good hand hygiene, maintaining proper sanitation, and safe food practices. Early...
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    General Health Hi, Yes, Follow These Fit Black Women on Instagram for Major Motivation – Prevention
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    World This Woman’s Sore Throat Turned out to Be a Live Worm Hanging out in Her Tonsil – Prevention
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    General Health 5 Women Get Real About What It’s Actually Like Having Ovarian Cancer – Prevention

    This year, about 22,530 women will receive a ovarian cancer diagnosis and about 13,980 will die from the disease, according to the American Cancer Society. And while you can find plenty of articles on the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment options, there’s no way to prepare for facing ovarian...
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    General Health 6 Small Changes That Can Majorly Impact Your Health – Prevention

    Stretch every morning Even something as simple as stretching can make a major difference in your overall health. “Stretching is so important because [it can] keep you healthy, mobile, and pain-free for the long term,” says Vanessa Chu, co-Founder of Stretch*d. Chu recommends stretching for 10...
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    #WorldCancerDay: 13 Steps to Significantly Reduce The Risk of Cancer

    Since year 2006, every February 4 has been set aside as the World Cancer Day. The 2016 edition is the 10th anniversary of the global awareness campaign about the disease. The theme of the campaign for this year is We, I can. The theme speaks to the reality that that every single person can make...