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    Entertainment You were part of the #JusticeForMohbad” movement. Today, you are busy bullying Alex iwobi for representing the country - Actor Prince Eke tackles...
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    Entertainment Prince Eke - My Marriage to Muma Gee Is Over

    Nollywood Actorm Orince Eke has confirmed reports that his marriage to Muma Gee has hit the rocks. In an exclusive chat with Linda Ikeji Blog, the actor revealed that they have been separated for 3 months. On Why they were separated he said, ''Let’s just say it didn’t work. We are not...
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    Entertainment Nollywood Actor Prince Eke Tells Buhari - ''lead by example not by camouflage''

    Nollywood actor, Prince Eke thinks President Muhammadu Buhari should resign. In a social media post, the actor wrote, “Time out with the ‘Commander’ in Chief! Oh yes! If is in another country that have not witness “Change” like us, this Obama Buhari’ speech issue, is enough to make a...
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    Entertainment Prince Eke: Nollywood Actor Gets Amazing Birthday Present [PHOTOS]

    Nollywood actor Prince Eke got a very unique birthday gift on Thursday August 18. The excited actor took to Instagram to show off his gift. He wrote, "What more can a man receive as a birthday present? God just gave me another daughter by exactly 4:45 pm today on my birthday , mother and child...