prostitution in nigeria

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    Metro FCT trains 452 commercial sex workers to discourage prostitution | Pulse Nigeria
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    Metro Is prostitution legal in Nigeria?

    It is not clear what the legal status of prostitution is in Nigeria. The legality of the 'oldest profession in the world' might depend on state laws rather than federal and on how those laws are interpreted. From Wikipedia From the article linked below, it will appear that the 'profession'...
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    Metro Is prostitution legal in Nigeria?

    It appears only the sellers get into trouble and then released without charge after rumours of abuse.
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    Metro Police officer takes prostitute home from Abuja club, finds out ‘she’s’ a man wearing female outfit (video) – YabaLeftOnline

    A rather bizarre twist of events occurred after a police officer from the Kubwa area of Abuja, took home a man he thought was a female prostitute from a club in the city..... Read more via YabaLeftOnline – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro Nigerian prostitute fights 2 men who had sex with her but refused to pay the agreed N5,000...

    Nigerian prostitute fights 2 men who had sex with her but refused to pay the agreed N5,000 service fee because she insisted on a condom via Linda Ikeji’s Blog – Get More Nigeria Metro News
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    Metro After 5 Abortions, Masturbation, Born Again Ex Prostitute Marks 3 Months Of No Sex

    A lady identified as Sharon has just completed her discipleship and leadership course at the Miracle Bible college. The lady, a former prostitute from China and other countries underwent over five abortions, according to a report shared by her church, the Miracle Center Cathedral. According to...
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    Metro Man in Trouble For Paying Prostitute With Fake Naira Note

    A 30-year-old man, Frank Igwe, who allegedly used some fake Nigerian currency to pay a sex worker for her services, was on Wednesday charged before a Yaba Chief Magistrate Court in Lagos. The accused, whose address was not given, is facing a charge of unlawful possession of fake currency...
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    What Led Me Into Prostitution, Young Nigerian Lady Reveals

    Prostitution is not new in Nigeria. It has become a business for young women especially, who exchange their bodies for money. Not all of them got into the business with, some are because of financial hardships, and how life has not been fair to them. One of them is Rukayyat Omobolanle, a single...