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    Sexual Health The Erogenous Zone Guide: Here’s How to Find All 15 of Them (Yep, 15) – PureWow

    Getting turned on isn’t just about going below the belt. Found all over our bodies, erogenous zones are areas that have heightened sensitivity and, when stimulated, generate a sexual response of some sort. These “zones” differ in degrees of sensitivity, depending on the concentration of nerve...
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    Family Health My Wife Wants Me to Lose Weight? Do I Owe It to Her to Try? – PureWow

    “My wife wants me to lose weight, and says she’s starting to lose attraction to me. I was about 25 pounds lighter when we met and used to be really physically active. But since my job has gotten more demanding, I’ve definitely become sedentary, and have gained weight as a … Read more via...
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    Family Health 5 Ways to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage, According to Relationship Expert Esther Perel – PureWow

    Let’s face it: “For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in heath, as long as we both shall live,” is much easier said than done. Just ask the 40 to 50 percent of married couples that end up getting divorced in the United States. So we’re seeking the advice … Read more via PureWow...
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    Family Health Help! My Partner Snores and It’s Ruining Our Relationship – PureWow

    After a relaxing bedtime ritual (ahem, scrolling through Instagram), you’re finally settled in for the night and looking forward to getting your eight hours of beauty sleep. There’s just one problem: Your partner’s snoring sounds like a giant lawnmower is lying in bed next to you. Other than...
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    Sexual Health The Sex Tips You Need This May, Based on Your Zodiac Sign – PureWow

    May is a hot, sexy month. It’s lush and moist, and our libidos often wake up along with the flowers and the bees. For those of us looking to cross-pollinate a little more than usual, we’ve rounded up some tips based on your zodiac sign... Read more via PureWow http://bit.ly/2LrRVVP