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    Entertainment FBI use Instagram to get Dubai Nigerian fraudster Hushpuppi – Quartz Africa

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    Business MTN and Nigeria’s billion-dollar regulatory fines — Quartz Africa

    Nigerian officials like to tell a story about the telecoms revolution that began in Nigeria in 2001. It involves how … Read more via Quartz Africa – https://ift.tt/2N70ANW Get more: Nigeria Business News
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    World Drought And Water Shortage In South Africa Reach Disaster Levels - Quartz Africa

    Cape Town’s drought and associated water shortage has officially escalated to the level of a disaster. The hope for a natural solution ended with the close of the main rainy season in September, and it is clear that water in the dams supplying the city will not last until the next rains in...
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    World How African Universities Are Failing To Prepare Graduates For 21st Century Workplace - Quartz Africa

    In this article, Quartz Africa looks at the failings of Africa's University to prepare students for the workplace and then goes on to look at the way forward and how to re-skill graduates for the future. The issue is not simply with the universities themselves, but in all the government and...