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    Metro NAF obliterates insurgents’ camp in Sambisa forest - Vanguard Nigeria News
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    Metro I Am Going Back To Fight Boko Haram After My Treatment - Wounded Soldier Insists

    Private Samuel Ernest, who is recuperating from an injury at the 7 Division Medical Services and Hospital, Maiduguri, says he go back to the frontline to continue the fight against the terrorists. “After my treatment, if I am fit enough, I will go back to the bush — frontline, in order to...
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    Metro Boko Haram's Sex Enhancing Drugs Seized By Army & Their 2 Members Killed [PHOTOS]

    Nigerian troops of 81 Battalion and 251 Task Force Battalion, both of 25 Task Force Brigade, staged a deliberate ambush against the terrorists logistics elements on motorcycles and bicycles crossing from Sambisa forest to Alagarno general area around Nyaleri yesterday night. During the...