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    Metro Deranged Pedophile Father Arrested For Molesting 13 Year Old Daughter

    The Ogun State Police Command have arrested one Sikiru Odejide for allegedly having carnal knowledge of his 13 year-old daughter. The victim’s mother, who had divorced the suspect years back reported the incident to the Police at the Sango Divisional Police Station, that her father had been...
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    Metro Sango Worshipper Gets Burnt While Performing Stunt in Public [VIDEO]

    Fire breathing is the act sango worshipers practice by creating a precise mist of fuel from the mouth and spitting it over an open flame. This act is from The Sango Deity As he breathes fire naturally. But this particular sango worshiper at an event got more than he bargained as the mist fuel...
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    Top 10 Traditional Festivals Across Nigerian States

    With a population of 177 million people, Nigeria is obviously the largest black nation on Earth; and very rich in cultural heritages that cut across over 250 ethnic tribes and 420 languages. The peoples of Nigeria are aware of their rich cultural diversity, and this is evident in the various...