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    Cowgirl: 7 girl on top tips to make sex so much hotter –

    The girl on top position better known as the cowgirl is a sex position almost every girl loves simply because it makes women reach orgasm faster. So, in order to look sexier, ride in ways you've never ridden before or become the real MVP while on top, just try these simple tips to take your...
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    How To Guide: These are 5 things to do before having sex –

    There's no instructional book on how you should prepare for sex. However, you can make preparing yourself for sex, a whole lot easier and more fun. But not to worry, below are incredible ways to have that erotic sex experience and make it more enjoyable. 1. Hygiene Washing your hands or...
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    Metro 3 things that happen when you love sex but your girlfriend doesn't -

    True, there are a litany of things that could go wrong to bring a relationship to ruin but unbalanced libido ranks high among the ones that couple often find themselves unable to overcome. And if, as a guy, you ever find yourself in this situation, these are the three ways by which it affects...
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    Metro Men More at Risk of Heart Attack After s*x – INFORMATION NIGERIA

    A study revealed that men with a history of cardiovascular disease may be more at risk of facing sudden cardiac arrest during or after s*x and this occurs without warning. The findings showed that although the incidence is very rare, … via INFORMATION NIGERIA – Get More...