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    Entertainment (Video) Tiwa Savage Teaches Sex Education On Instagram (Video) – Information Nigeria
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    General Health Young Women and Girls Are Taking Sex-Ed Into Their Own Hands on Youtube – The National Interest Online
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    Sexual Health People Having Sex with Casual Partners More Likely to Use Condoms – Newsgram

    People having sex with casual partners are more than twice as likely (85 per cent) to use condoms as people in committed relationships (36 per cent), says a new health and lifestyle study.. Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    Sexual Health Best sex positions for men and women who suffer from back pain – Firstpost

    After spending a minimum of 8 hours sitting at work every day, its no surprise that many of us experience back pain occasionally. But what happens when this back pain coincides with the nights when you and your partner want to have sex? Would sexual activity make your back pain worse...
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    Sexual Health How to maintain good sexual hygiene –

    Sexual hygiene helps prevent infections and promote confidence during sexual encounters; it also helps keep unpleasant smells and infections at bay, enhancing your sexual confidence! Here’s what you must do on a regular basis to maintain sexual hygiene..... Read more via “sexual health” –...
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    Sexual Health Sex can be a motivator for healthy living, especially after age 50 – – “sexual health” – Google News

    My advocacy for the health of men over age 50 is centered on the social motivators that comprise a man’s most important relationships. The factors that have the power to drive and sustain healthy behavior include family, career, hobbies and the like.... Read more via “sexual health” – Google...
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    Sexual Health Sex Toys Improve Your Sex Life & Ella Paradis Has the Proof –

    A study conducted by Ella Paradis, leading online retailer of sexual health & wellness products, revealed 86.2% of people believe toys improve their sex life, and 83.1% of people intend to use sex toys this Valentine’s Day.... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    Sexual Health Safety First: 14 Common Condom Use Errors –

    A recent article in the journal Sexual Health reviewed 50 studies about condom use errors from around the world. Here are the common mistakes they found and the prevalence of those errors. 1. Late application: Between 17 percent and 51.1 percent of people reported putting a condom … Read...
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    General Health If A Condom Slips Off During Sex, Don’t Panic — Here’s What To Do – Refinery29

    Maybe you’ve been there: You’re having penetrative sex and enjoying yourself immensely. But when it’s all over, you and your partner realize that the condom has somehow... disappeared. While not common... Read more via Refinery29
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    Sexual Health All you need to know about having sex during your period – Firstpost

    Firstly, let’s establish that sex during periods isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There are all kinds of women out there - some who enjoy it even more than regular sex, others who’ve never tried it and don’t even want to, and some who’ve tried and decided they never want a repeat performance. ...
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    Sexual Health LUCY MANGAN: Why every parent must urge their teenager to watch the TV series Sex Education – Daily Mail

    I'm not a prude. Well, I am, but only in the privacy of my own home. I'm very happy for others to do whatever they want with whoever, whenever they want, while I keep the bulk of my clothes on and my eyes averted.... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    Sexual Health Let’s talk about safe sex: Sex education should go beyond preaching abstinence, say students and experts – TODAYonline

    SINGAPORE — Like many students, Affandi attended sexuality education classes while he was in school. However, the lessons — which he described as “very boring” — did not put him off having sex at age 16. “The topic made me more curious about my body,” said the 21-year-old.. Read more via...
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    Sexual Health 8 Smart AF Ways To Make Him Last Longer In Bed – Pulse Nigeria

    Arriving early on a date is a promising, positive sign that most would appreciate in a partner. But when that date is happening in the bedroom at sex o'clock, that's the last thing you want.... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    Sexual Health FYI: Just Because You Had an Orgasm Doesn’t Mean the Sex Was Good –

    Bad sex you’re probably (sorry to say) familiar with. You know the kind, when you’re too tired or stressed, or you’re not 100% physically attracted to the person in your bed. But now, researchers have identified what they’re calling "bad" orgasms.... Read more via
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    Sexual Health Sex Toys Are Less Embarrassing Now, Thanks to These Designers – GQ Magazine

    For decades, sex products were packaged in garish colors and shapes, intimidating many shoppers from driving to a dingy storefront and purchasing them. But startups are betting that by making.... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    Sexual Health How to Have Good Morning Sex: Benefits, Positions & More – AskMen

    Have you ever woken up in a deep state of arousal? Whether it started in a sexy dream or sprang up seemingly out of nowhere as soon as you became conscious, it might be the only thing you can think … Read more via AskMen
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    Sexual Health 5 Ways Masturbation Can Help Your Mental Health – Refinery29

    Masturbation helps you learn what you like sexually, plus, it just feels good. But did you know that masturbation can help your mental health, too..... Read more via Refinery29
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    Sexual Health 3 Ways To Get More Comfortable Asking For What You Want In Bed – mindbodygreen

    One of the most depressing findings in the study? One in 10 women "had yet to feel that their sexual pleasure mattered to a partner." "Sexual double standards continue to limit female sexual expression, inhibiting some women’s sexual communication and in particular their comfort level in...
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    Sexual Health This is the symptom you should never ignore after sex – Marie Claire

    Sex can leaves us feeling many things – euphoric, confused, hungry, and even guilty (if it’s an ex that you were supposed to be avoiding – we’ve all been there). But while post-sex emotional symptoms are pretty common, some physical symptoms aren’t. Sure, you might feel achey or have … Read...
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    Sexual Health The 9 Most Overrated Sex Acts of All Time – AskMen

    Sex is great, there’s no denying that. The arousal, the plateau, the climax — all great stuff. There’s the sweatiness, too, and what your hair looks like afterward. But despite all the wet and wonderful things in the wild and wacky world of sex, if we … Read more via AskMen...